Can Tesco Be Again the Consumer Champion?

Although retail giant Tesco still controls the market, the company should look at how it does its business and how it can entice customers. Dave Lewis, the CEO of Tesco, couldn’t have been clearer in saying that sales won’t become the god of Tesco’s business. Last January, during a conference call with analysts, he kept […]

Are Social Media Reshaping the Fashion Industry?

Social media have shifted the conversation from fashion brands talking at the consumers, to talking with them, to listening to them. What have people gained from it? A photo of a smiling girl resting on a cosy sofa while holding a glass of wine has been shared on the social network Instagram. Food brought from […]

What’s Behind the Starbucks’ Christmas Cups Row?

On the 5th of November Joshua Feuerstein, a former pastor and self-identified “American evangelist, internet and social media personality” from Arizona[1], posted on his Facebook profile a video[2] in which he complained about the new plain design adopted by Starbucks for its new Christmas cups, and called for people to protest against it. By removing […]

Dissertation Abstract – The Maritime SAR Regions under the 1979 Hamburg Convention and their Related Issues: the Arctic and Mediterranean Situations.

Aimed at safeguarding human life at sea and at effectively and coordinately carrying out search and rescue (SAR) operations, the 1979 International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue provides for the establishment of Search and Rescue Regions (SRRs). The analysis of the Convention reveals the special nature of search and rescue, epitomised by the distinction […]